Students can click here to access the X2 Aspen Database to enter course requests online.


1.) How do I know my student’s user id?  The user id is all lower case letters and consists of the student’s last name, first initial and the last 2 digits of the year-of-grad.  So, for example, the user id for Mary Smith with a YOG of 2016 would be smithm16.

2.) Why is my username and password coming up as ‘invalid’?

a) If you are signing in on an Apple device, please check to make sure it is not automatically changing the first letter of the username and/or password to a Capital.

b) Make sure you are on the x2 Aspen site for Tewksbury.  If you googled ‘myfollett’ or ‘x2 aspen’, you may be on the site for another town.

c) If you are using a desktop computer, try using the number keys ABOVE the keyboard and not the number pad to the right of the keyboard.

d) Please read the message carefully and make sure your error message is not ‘Your password has expired, please create a new one.’    You may just have to create a new password.

3.) Why is my account ‘disabled’?

If you try to sign-on with an incorrect username and/or password, x2 will disable your account after 3 attempts.  Please note: students and parents use the SAME sign-on information to access x2. You must share this information with each other.  Please contact Guidance to re-set your account.