2023-2024 Scholarship List

The Scholarship Spreadsheet for the Class of 2024 is now available! You can find it at this link 2024 Scholarship Spreadsheet.  It will be updated regularly as more scholarship opportunities become available. The spreadsheet contains all the information you need about each scholarship, including any links for online scholarship applications. You will also find hard copies of the scholarship applications, and the spreadsheet, in the Guidance Office Career Center. Many, but not all, of the donors on the Scholarship Spreadsheet will be present at our Annual Scholarship & Awards Night in May.  This event is by invitation only.  If you are receiving an award, you and your family will receive an invitation in early May.  The date for the 2024 event is May 23, 2024
Many of these scholarship applications require you to include an official school transcript and/or recommendation letter(s).  Please complete the Transcript Request Form and/or The Recommendation Letter Request Form (which forms can be found in the Guidance Office) as soon as you know you will be needing either of these items.  You must allow a minimum of 2 days for your counselor or Ms. Fronduto to prepare a transcript for you. You must allow at least 7 days for a recommendation letter to be prepared so that it can be mailed out prior to your deadline. Please check for those requirements right away when filling out your applications so that you can get your request in!!
There will be many other scholarships available to you – these are just the ones that come through our office.
This Scholarship Spreadsheet is updated regularly.  A couple of the larger scholarships are available in early Fall, but the majority of them come to us in late winter.  Starting in January, you should check this list weekly as that is when the bulk of scholarships come in and scholarships will be added almost daily at that time.
The Community Scholarship Application is now available! You can pick up a hard copy in the Career Center.  This is the application that is used by many of the local donors and most school PAC’s and takes only a few minutes to complete.  This application is open to ALL graduating seniors currently residing in Tewksbury, not just TMHS students.  You need to complete this application only once!  Ms. Fronduto will review each donors’ requirements, make copies and send copies to the appropriate group.
Most Tewksbury Youth Sports Groups make their applications available online through their websites. Requirements vary from group to group, so you will have to review each one’s application. As soon as these groups notify me that their application is available online, I will so indicate on the spreadsheet, but please note that we are not always notified when they become available, so check the youth sports’ websites regularly starting in mid-January.
Most Booster Groups also provide scholarships to their members.  If you do not see your group on the spreadsheet by mid-February, please ask your coach or the Booster Club Parent if they will be offering an award this year and if they have an application.
Many Businesses also offer scholarships to their employees and employee family members. Check with your employer for scholarship opportunities and ask your parents and relatives to do the same.
We will not be listing school-specific scholarships on this spreadsheet.  PLEASE make sure to check the website of your school of choice and research what types of scholarships they offer.  Almost all schools offer some type of scholarship (merit-based, legacy-based, need-based, etc.).  If you cannot find anything online, be sure to contact your admissions rep or the school’s financial aid office and ask for assistance.  You should also check out the “College Corner” section of this website where you will find tons of useful information for local schools.

In addition to the above, we encourage you to use the multitude of resources available to you on the internet to search for scholarships that you may qualify for.
Some National websites are
Please pay close attention to the deadlines on these applications and make sure you have all the required supporting material before submitting your application.  Most organizations will simply discard your application if you are missing something or did not meet the deadline.
Please understand that this process is not always easy, but it is well worth it if you can receive funds to help defray the high cost of your college education.
Finally, please do not hesitate to stop by the Guidance office to speak to someone if you have any questions at all about the scholarship process.