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Do You Remember Me?

Yesterday… Like mintage spent, is past recall; Its echo dimmed beyond
time’s wall. Tomorrow… Is never promised earthly man, Nor does it often
fit a plan. Today… Is gold that covers hills and dell, And rich are they
who use it well. Pearl Phillips

Sent to us by an alumna, Sarah (Coates) Burden, Class of 1992

Name Class E-mail Address
Paul M. Jones (no class given) michaelpauljones@mediaone.net
Carolyn J. (Gifford) Roberts Class of 1956 caroljroberts@cox.net
Stanley Bowers Class of 1958 bowcon@worldpath.net
Charles H. Sherman Class of 1959 CHSherman@hotmail.com
Dorothy (Sherman) Patenaude Class of 1960 DPDotty@aol.com
Richard M Calledare Class of 1960 RMCalledare@aol.com
Robert Dufault Class of 1961 rdufault44@yahoo.com
Sally(Smith) Defina/ Stephen Defina Class of 1961 Sarabigsal13@aol.com
Charles J. Martin Class of 1962 CJMartinPE@BldgTech.com
John R. Cherkowski Class of 1962 Cherkowskis@yahoo.com
Dennis R. (Dee) Hart Class of 1962 hartd@sec.gov
Donna (Doucette) Flanagan Class of 1963 dhflanagan@gmail.com
Jim King Class of 1963 jkingusnfr@aol.com
Sandy Ebinger Class of 1963 S_Ebinger@hotmail.com
Sheila (Ebinger) Noble Class of 1963 SheilaandLee@aol.com
Michael Hopkins Class of 1963 mhopkins735@charter.net
Mary Choo Choo Davis Southall Class of 1964 m.southall@att.net
James (Jim) Colton Class of 1965 colton_2@msn.com
John Roane Class of 1965 roane4@comcast.net
Maureen Fortier Piermatteo Class of 1965 tonymo67@cox.net
Norris E. (Ned) Dow Class of 1965 yank51@hotmail.com
Arthur R. Flagg, jr. Class of 1966 flaggee@msn.com
Cathy Cuneo Turpin Class of 1966 sportmom@sierranet.net
Jo-Ann Lightfoot Class of 1966 jolightfoot@comcast.net
Regina (Gina) Cherkowski Class of 1966 ermine102@yahoo.com
John Jarek Class of 1967 johnjarek@excite.com
Doreene (Bland) Wood Class of 1968 ddwood@sbcglobal.net
George Sherman Class of 1969 1sthomebuilder@sbcglobal.net
Nancy (Kent) Ringwood Class of 1969 nringwood@aol.com
Bill Smith Class of 1970 smithwhs@msn.com
Bob Gould sr. Class of 1970 boston@seidata.com
Diane (Cielakie) Quenell Class of 1970 hollyq3@yahoo.com
Ed Beecher (Computer Art) Class of 1970 sloweddi@netscape.com
Lynn O’Hearn Murphy Class of 1970 irlmurph@comcast.net
Paul A. Wilson Class of 1970 nosliwap@aol.com
Bob Johnson Class of 1971 bojo@compuserve.com
Carol (Cushenette) Corrigan Class of 1971 cactjc@yahoo.com
Carl Patterson Class of 1971 rianeric@comcast.net
Dave Chrisstoffels
Looking for Walter DeGraan
Class of 1971 jerrys2kid@yahoo.com
David Merrill Class of 1971 rvch1281@msn.com
Diane Mackey Class of 1971 dmackey00@comcast.net
Joanne LaVita Class of 1971 jode6107@hotmail.com
Katherine Delorey Morris Class of 1971 vanforkids@netzero.com
LeAnn ( D’Avanzo) Kahl Class of 1971 CourtnKim@aol.com
Martha (Wright) Foley Class of 1971 TC2118@aol.com
Mike Heider Class of 1971 Blakhatmike@yahoo.com
Patrick Morvan Class of 1971 morvan@mediaone.net
Paula (Gleason) McClard Class of 1971 macstoys@aol.com
Susan Royce(Drady) Class of 1971 SSeptemberbaby@aol.com
Cynthia (Poole) Hinxman Class of 1971 Crystalimp@aol.com
Diane Rossetti Class of 1972 midiane20024@aol.com
Lorraine A. King Class of 1972 LHern1123@aol.com
Bobby “EASTIE” Ascolillo Class of 1973 rascolillo@hotmail.com
John (Chris) Brunelle Class of 1973 Partytime@mva.net
Lisa (Colarusso) Talbot Class of 1973 donlisa@gsinet.net
Patricia (McCarthy) Rohdenburg Class of 1973 doctech@bellsouth.net
Michael Teixeira Class of 1973 Mteixe1037@comcast.net
Doreen Sylvia Dunlevy Class of 1974 d.dunlevy@comcast.net
Rick Beaver Class of 1974 Redwolf424@aol.com
Stephen Dunlevy Class of 1974 d.dunlevy@comcast.net
Tom Walsh Class of 1974 Thomas.walshjr@comcast.net
Anthony Gondola Class of 1975 acgna@comcast.net
Cheryl Silva Class of 1975 silva706@msn.com
Chuck Gosson Class of 1975 djgoose57@msn.com
Janet Guarente Chandonnet Class of 1975 Trekjan@aol.com
Jim Panzino Class of 1975 jpanzino@hotmail.com
Jim Swain Class of 1975 jswain@maine.rr.com
Joanne (Lambert) Lafreniere Class of 1975 Joannelafreniere@comcast.net
John “Chuck” Gosson Class of 1975 djgoose57@msn.com
Karen (Blood) Hall Class of 1975 khallfltax@hotmail.com
Lorraine (Hase) Libert Class of 1975 lorelibert@comcast.net
Ron Chandonnet Class of 1975 rchando1@aol.com
Stephen Hand Class of 1975 anpa3437@hotmail.com
Bob Martin Class of 1976 BobbyShred@aol.com
charlie s coins comics and cards Class of 1976 58rcmf@landmarknet.net
Gerri Perkins Class of 1976 gerri.perkins@alcan.com
Katie (McLaighlin) Donovan Class of 1976 TAN4321@aol.com
Patricia (Campbell) Taylor Class of 1976 BePrepared8788@aol.com
Bob Bangs Class of 1977 info@unclebobsbeefjerky.com
Eric Woodworth Class of 1977 crsownr@gloryroad.net
Janet(Friedman) Davis Class of 1977 jdavis4043@aol.com
Lisa Marie Chanely {DeLeon} Class of 1977 CaringHart@aol.com
Michael Terry Class of 1977 michael@terry.net
Peter A. Bazzinotti Class of 1977 pbazzinotti@harbormgmt.com
Sharon (Foley) Scondras Class of 1977 SHAFOSC@AOL.COM
Brian S. Wolfe Class of 1978 BrianWolfePl@aol.com
Bruce Kling Class of 1978 bwkling@hotmail.com
David Masker Class of 1978 dmmasker@nemr.net
David K. Small Class of 1978 just4dks@yahoo.com
Denise A. (DeVlaminck) Ryan Class of 1978 forgottenvintage@comcast.net
Diane (Gacek) Brown Class of 1978 dbrown250@comcast.net
Greg Cassidy Class of 1978 gregcassidy222@gmail.com
Patti Scott Class of 1978 phscott@myfairpoint.net
Doreen (Grady) Townsend Class of 1979 dortownsend@comcast.net
Guy Indelicato Class of 1979
(Class Contact)
John F. Copeland Class of 1979 johnfcopeland@yahoo.com
Karen (Adams) Murfin Class of 1979 kamurfin@yahoo.com
Patricia (Kerber) Karas Class of 1979 TotNTyk@aol.com
Roberta Pentz Kondry Class of 1979 Rkondry@telequipcorp.com
Ruth (Bennett) Ledoux Class of 1979 ruledoux@hotmail.com
Terri (Penney) Burgos Class of 1979 Tburgos@ptd.net
Cathy (Brady) Costa Class of 1980 ccosta61@yahoo.com
Cathy Synan Class of 1980 but moved after 8th grade Cathy.loiselle@yahoo.com
Cheryl (Corbett) Welch Class of 1980 but moved after 6th grade VinnChe@aol.com
Cindy Patch Class of 1980 akitafriend63@hotmail.com
Debra Graney Class of 1980 djgraney@comcast.net
Diane (Thayer) Andrews Class of 1980 dandrews@criver.com
Doreen (Gacek) Key Class of 1980 doreenkey@keywebsolutions.net
Doug Tremlett Class of 1980 bdtrem@yahoo.com
Eric Davis Class of 1980 bones1962@att.net
Gardner Hague Class of 1980 ogmonkey2000@yahoo.com
Joanne (Callahan) Foley Class of 1980 kecosero@juno.com
Laurie (Payne) Watkins Class of 1980 mlwatkins@adelphia.net
Linda (Masker) Harrison Class of 1980 PiscesLMH@aol.com
Laurie (Payne) Watkins Class of 1980 mlwatkins@adelphia.net
Richard Carty Class of 1980 rcartyjr@comcast.net
Scott McMillen Class of 1980 scottbmw@verizon.net
Sharon (Andrews) Sheehan Class of 1980 Timsharon@aol.com
Lisa MacInnes Healey Class of 1981 smacca@groovystylie.com
R. Michael Mara Class of 1981 but moved after 11th grade RM.Mara@yahoo.com
Stephanie (Chase) Wilson Class of 1981 but moved after 8th grade whitestole@gmail.com
Tim Sheehan Class of 1981 Timsharon@aol.com
Tina A. (Mamakos) Nichols Class of 1981 tnichols@chi.navtech.com
Barbara Doyle Class of 1982 barbdoyle64@aol.com
Jody Frederico Class of 1982 jclegg1st@aol.com
Kevin Hanson Class of 1982 Lgh2ok@yahoo.com
Mark Indelicato Class of 1982 markindelicato@yahoo.com
Michael Skidmore Class of 1982 michael.skidmore@comcast.net
Patty Ferreira Merryfield Class of 1982 pjmerryfield@hotmail.com
R. Scott Drysdale Class of 1982 (but moved Junior Year) rscottdrysdale@yahoo.com
Stephen Hampe Class of 1982 sphampe@aol.com
Brenda Bennett Class of 1982 bbennett@insulet.com
Buddy Acritelli Class of 1983 bacritelli@hotmail.com
Christine Rosano Class of 1983 crosano737@comcast.net
Cheryl (Stott) Casey Class of 1983 CCasey60@aol.com
Dianne (Carroll) Nolin Class of 1983 tmhsreunion83@aol.com
Glenn Maley Class of 1983 geep@themaleys.com
James Indelicato Class of 1983 carshopjim@aol.com
Lloyd L. Corricelli Class of 1983 RoninEnt1@aol.com
Peter Langlois Class of 1983 Pete.Langlois@rhi.com
Kathy (Montejunas) Dugas Class of 1983 kat30s@yahoo.com
David McInnis Class of 1984 HeyDave214@yahoo.com
Ginny Rogers Class of 1984 TMHS84@yahoo.com
Joey Seluk Class of 1984 joeseluk@capitalcitylimousine-nh.com
Kathy (Murphy) Hickmon Class of 1984 kathy-hickmon@flyawayinc.com
Rochelle (Baron) McConologue Class of 1984 A.McConologue@comcast.net
Tony Autiello Class of 1984 aautiello@motorola.com
Brian Dick Class of 1985 redmenra@comcast.net
Gina (DeVivo) Swain Class of 1985 gina@swainsailing.com
Lisa (Hanke) Rancourt Class of 1985 larancourt@charter.net
Lisa Riss Class of 1985 lisalisa1@mindspring.com
Tracy (Stratis) Callahan Class of 1985 gtfamily@comcast.net
Colleen (Doherty) McManus Class of 1986 ccmcmanus@comcast.net
Cheri (Murray) Smith Class of 1986 casmith5683@hotmail.com
Donna (Graney) Tziolis Class of 1986 MOUZI3@AOL.COM
Doug Haslam Class of 1986 dougandpam@attbi.com
Elizabeth (Busch) Bennett Class of 1986 ebennett@gltech.org
Joe Weser Class of 1986 youthmin@yahoo.com
Lori Galvin Class of 1986 loriag1968@yahoo.com
Patty Perkins Class of 1986 joan.pat@mindspring.com
Sheila Sullivan Class of 1986 ssullivan98@juno.com
Suzanne (Downey) McLaughlin and
Mike McLaughlin
Class of 1986 mike.sue.mac@comcast.net
Tanya Chase Class of 1986 chase_tanya@yahoo.com
Kelly Staples Class of 1987 kstaples@partners.org
Kerri Beaulieu-Janocha Class of 1987 kjanocha@maine.rr.com
Michael T. Fitzpatrick Class of 1987 fitzdoctor@aol.com
Mike Ranger Class of 1987 ranger@metrocast.net
Rick Frederickson Class of 1987 fds_6027@hotmail.com
Chris Mader Class of 1988 clydesdale7cm@hotmail.com
Christina Frotten Class of 1988 chrissy45859@yahoo.com
Christina (LoNigro) Lazrak Class of 1988 Christina@LazrakHomes.com
Kathy (Cooke) Vassil Class of 1988 KVassil@comcast.net
Keith Nicholson Class of 1988 nicholnet@yahoo.com
Justine (Short) Abram Class of 1988 justabram@msn.com or abramjl@shands.ufl.edu
Lori (Fitzsimmons) Mikesell Class of 1988 belbrax@msn.com
Robin Swain-Strazza Class of 1988 robinstrazza@yahoo.com
Roy Kinzler Class of 1988 ROOWAH1@AOL.COM
Sharon (Burke) Gotham Class of 1988 tri2rest@aol.com
Stephen Scott Class of 1988 sscott00@yahoo.com
Steve Vassil Class of 1988 SVassil@comcast.net
Donna (Brooks) Rondolet Class of 1989 donna.rondolet@gmail.com
Joan (Scott) Carter Class of 1989 Grtzkyone@comcast.net
Kristen (Swain) Davis Class of 1989 kristen.sd@cox.net
Lisa (Lindgren) Marcotte Class of 1989 LLMarcotte@aol.com
Patrick McCaffery Class of 1989 pmccaff@aol.com
Sonia Dickson Class of 1989 KeroRocks@aol.com
Bob Payne Class of 1989 rtpayne1@verizon.net
Angela (Gardner) Sullivan Class of 1990 angelagsullivan@yahoo.com
Carole Delahaye Class of 1990 caroldelahaye@hotmail.com
Chris Dick Class of 1990 cdickmail@yahoo.com
Chris Seichter Class of 1990 cseichter@hotmail.com
Eric Mueller Class of 1990 sox24dewey@yahoo.com
Jennifer L.( Gilligan) Twombly Class 0f 1990 gilligan@gwu.edu
John Caramanis Class of 1990 sunfire@mediaone.net
Matthew Boucher Class of 1990 texasbouchers@yahoo.com
Marc Mercuri Class of 1990 mmercuri@microsoft.com
Michael Craven Class of 1990 Micheal@coalesce.org
Robert Marshall Class of 1990 rmarshall@kronos.com
Ted Fazio Class of 1990 salfazio@comcast.net
Bonnie (Bailey) Chesley Class of 1991 bonniechesley@msn.com
Mike Kaminski Class of 1991 kaminskim@middlesex.mass.edu
Raymundo Mejia
Guadalupe Nuevo León; México.
Class of 1992 raymejia@hotmail.com or ramejia@elnorte.com.mx
Sarah Burden (Coates)
Lima, Ohio
Class of 1992 asburden@juno.com
Dat Nguyen Class of 1993 peasofme@yahoo.com
Don Geoffrion Class of 1993 don1_22000@yahoo.com
Jay MacKey Class of 1993 mackey1717@yahoo.com
Stacy Stoddard Class of 1993 sdevin303@aol.com
Todd Casparius Class of 1993 toddcasparius@hotmail.com
Thomas Sinclair Class of 1994 tsinclair66@attbi.com
Alyssa Daigle Class of 1995 (Reunion Contact) alyssadaigle@comcast.net
Diana Lynn Snyder (Kondoleon) Class of 1995 dlk_snyder@yahoo.com
Jennifer Manfra Class of 1995 jennydancer26@yahoo.com
Brian Crovo Class of 1996 brian@briancrovo.com
Heidi Meharg Class of 1996 heidimeharg@yahoo.com
Matt Casparius Class of 1996 mrpa@massrecandpark.org
Melissa Santos (Gasbarro) Class of 1996 Melissa_santos@verizon.net
Paula Hogenmiller (Graziano Class of 1996 phogenmi@stetson.edu
Mary (Ryan) Reitano Class of 1997 mmkiley852@aol.com
Scott Ringwood Class of 1997 frehley4life@yahoo.com
Christina Coviello Class of 1998 ccoviello04@aol.com
Erin Gilchrist Timbrel Class of 1998 curly3375@yahoo.com
Kerry Jenkins Class of 2000 kjenkins08@hotmail.com
Ariana Ford Class of 2001 ari.warehousedmb@gmail.com
Adrienne Lefebvre Class of 2004 lefebvre.adrienne@gmail.com
Jessica Naun Class of 2009 j.naun@live.com
Priscilla (Fossett) Clements Class of 1970 cilla88@comcast.net
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TMHS Alumni Association,
320 Pleasant Street,
Tewksbury, MA 01876

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