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New as of January 2021

The SAT is now OPTIONAL for many colleges and universities!  For students graduating in the Class of 2020 the SAT was optional for entrance to ALL Massachusetts colleges and universities.   Many schools will continue to be test-optional for students graduating in the Class of 2022.  Please check the website of the schools you are applying to and determine whether or not the test is required.  Check with your counselor before deciding whether or not to make your SAT results a part of your application package. 

The Optional Essay section of the SAT will no longer be offered.

The SAT Subject Tests will no longer be offered.


* If you are participating in a Saturday administration of the SAT, you MUST set up an account and register for the SAT exams on  We do not register students at TMHS for the Saturday SAT exams+.  The initial registration process on college board takes about 20 minutes, so do not wait until the last minute!

+ IMPORTANT – Because of state guidelines surrounding COVID in the 2020-21 school years, TMHS offered school day administrations of the SAT at TMHS for TMHS students ONLY.    TMHS will offer an in-school administration of the SAT again in April of 2022.  If you are participating in this school day administration of the exam, you WILL register through your Community Pass Account and NOT through College Board.  The date for this exam will NOT show up on College Board because it is open ONLY to TMHS students.

* The typical turn-around time for SAT test results is about 2-3 weeks.

* TMHS students do not have to take the SAT exam at TMHS.  The exam can be taken at any location as long as there is space available.

* To find the nearest test location and register, please go to

* The best time to take the SAT is in the Spring of your Junior year. Many students also decide to take the SAT again in the fall of their Senior year. Please note: many colleges and universities require 2 sets of scores, while many require NO scores.  Please check your school’s admission requirements for details.

* College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to provide FREE test prep materials.

* The SAT exams are timed tests.  The SAT (including registration, the test-taking, breaks, and instruction time) takes approximately 4 hours.    Students are allowed to leave when everyone in their classroom completes test.

SAT Time & Score Breakdown:

  • Evidence-based reading – reading comprehension across 5 passages – 52 questions / 65 minutes
  • Writing & Language – expression of ideas and grammar across 4 passages – 44 questions / 35 minutes
  • Math NO calculator – algebra, data analysis, geometry, trigonometry – 20 questions / 25 minutes
  • Math WITH calculator – algebra, data analysis, geometry, trigonometry – 38 questions / 55 minutes

Scaled Score: 200-800 for Reading and writing; 200-800 for Math

Raw Score: 1 point for every right answer; 0 point for every wrong or omitted answer; no guessing penalty.  Answering just 5 more questions correctly could raise your score by as much as 100 points.

* Sending official scores: College Board will send your scores to up to 4 colleges free of charge as long as you make your request within 10 days of receipt of your scores.  You will be charged a $12 fee for any additional score reports sent or for any score reports sent after that 10 day window.  Many colleges will accept self-reported scores as part of your application, but may require official scores from College Board upon acceptance.

*** College board has established some very strict rules around the administration of the SAT exams. There are NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED INSIDE THE CLASSROOMS during the exams. All phones must be kept outside the classroom, so students are advised to leave them at home or in their car while taking the exam.  Students are allowed only number 2 pencils, a calculator approved by college board, a sealed snack and a sealed water bottle in the classroom. You MUST have a valid id with a front-facing picture in addition to your ticket with your picture on it.  Please refer to the college board website for all the latest rules.

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