2023 Advanced Placement Test Information including Schedule

Click here to go to the AP Website for detailed information and to create an account.

* ATTENDANCE – Students will receive the designation of ‘SB’ from classes that occur during the AP exam.  Students arriving at school immediately before an afternoon exam or leaving immediately after a morning exam will be considered ABSENT from any other classes that day.

* All AP Tests will be administered at TMHS  (exams will be given in LGI-1 unless otherwise indicated)  Morning paper exams start at 8:00, afternoon paper exams start at noon.

* 2023 AP Test fee is $97 (payment should be made through Community Pass).

note: Students verified as being on Free/Reduced Lunch will pay a discounted fee of $15 per exam.  Please register for the exam through your Community Pass account and select ‘send payment’ option at checkout.  Your account will be adjusted the next day.  Please go back into Community Pass to make payment with a credit card or send a check in to Guidance made payable to ‘Town of Tewksbury”.

DEADLINE to pay is Tuesday, Oct 11 !!!

PAY ATTENTION!!  College Board has established a much earlier deadline for payments to be made for 2023 AP exams.  Any student who has not paid the full $97 by Oct 11 will remain in the class but will receive ‘honors’ credit (not ‘AP’ credit).   The student’s schedule and transcript will be adjusted to reflect the new level.   Please note: if you are a senior, this will affect your college applications since your schedule and transcript are sent out as part of your application package.

* AP Exam Policies can be found by clicking here, but the main ones are –


  • ANY ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT (including cell phones, Apple watches, listening devices, recording devices) – They will NOT be allowed in the testing room and you will not be allowed to use any electronic device during breaks!!! You must leave all your electronics in your locker or in your car.
  • FOOD or DRINK – They will NOT be allowed in the Testing Room.  You will be given breaks in a designated area outside the testing room.
  • MECHANICAL PENCILS – They are NOT allowed.


  • Several #2 pencils with erasers
  • 2 pens with black or blue ink
  • Up to 2 approved calculators.  Please check here to find approved calculators.
  • A ruler for Physics exam only

AP Online Scores

  • Step 1. Before taking the AP exam students should sign up for a free College Board account on the AP website.
  • Step 2. During AP Class Registration students will enter their LASID number and e-mail address into the specified fields.  Your LASID number can be found on Aspen in the field titled ‘Local Identifier’.  It is also the numeric part of your google password.  This number, along with your AP number, MUST be kept in a safe place as they will be your access into your account to retrieve your scores.  You might want to email these numbers to yourself, put them in your phone or keep them in a safe place.
  • Step 3. You will receive an email after the exam letting you know how and when to access your scores.    Scores will be available in July.

2023 AP Test Schedule

Mon 5/1  (Day  6)

8:00  US Gov’t & Politics

noon  Chemistry

Tue 5/2   (Day  7)

noon    Psychology

Wed 5/3   (Day 1)

8:00   English Literature & Composition

Thu 5/4   (Day  2)

noon   Statistics

Fri 5/5  (Day  3)

8:00   US History

noon   MicroEconomics

Mon 5/8 (Day 4)

8:00  Calculus AB

noon   Computer Science Principles

Tue 5/9 (Day   5)

8:00   English Language & Composition

noon   Physics C : Mechanics

Wed 5/10  (Day  6)

8:00   Spanish Language & Culture

noon   Biology

Thu 5/11 (Day 7)

8:00  French Language & Culture

8:00  World History : Modern