Ms. Jan H. Fuller

Assistant Principal/Preschool Coordinator



We have a very exciting preschool program at the Dewing School. Students attend school for four half-days each week. Classrooms are multi-age with three- and four-year old children learning together each day. Our teaching staff provides engaging lessons and activities each day to help children grow as members of the community and begin to learn skills necessary for later school success.

2017-2018 Registration Information

New this year:

Because of changes in our enrollment patterns, we are now holding open enrollment  for each of these programs.

The Tewksbury Integrated Preschool Program is a program for three- and four-year old children in Tewksbury.  Each classroom enrolls up to eight three- and four-year olds from the community whose parents pay tuition. The program also enrolls students on Individual Education Plans whose special needs require support from a preschool program. Children participate in this program for four half-days each week. Parents may sign up for a preschool class by clicking on this link and then choosing Dewing Preschool:


The Social Learning Group at the Dewing is a program for up to eight three- and four-year olds. Children attend for 90-minutes three mornings each week tuition-free.

The Child Development Program at Tewksbury Memorial High School enrolls typically developing four-year old children only.  This program meets for five half-days each week.  Their program is supported by High School students enrolled in child development courses. This program is free, but charges a $50.00 registration fee.

Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year will be set later in the winter/spring. There is no tuition for the Social Learning Group or for the Preschool Program at TMHS. Families who want the Community Services Preschool Program at the Heath Brook register separately at: https://register.communitypass.net/TewksburyPublicSchools.

In the past, we held a lottery to fill these programs. However, at this time, we are now holding open enrollment for each of these programs. A more comprehensive description of these programs is contained in the link: “What are the preschool options in Tewksbury” at left.

Preschool Opportunities

Tewksbury Public Schools offers numerous learning opportunities for preschoolers in the district. These preschool programs are theme-based promote children’s social/emotional development as well as skills in Literacy, Math, Communication and Motor.

Classroom learning opportunities for preschoolers in the district include the following:

Tewksbury Integrated Preschool at the Dewing School.

There are six separate classes for preschool children in the Integrated Preschool. Each class has seven or eight community students and up to seven students with special needs who attend school because of the services provided in their IEP. Classrooms are primarily grouped by age, but may be multi-aged depending on children’s skills and development.

All children will attend school four half-days each week for 2.5 hours/day. Morning students attend school Monday through Thursday while afternoon students will attend Tuesday through Friday.

Classes at the Integrated Preschool are taught by Early Childhood Specialists who are DESE licensed special education teachers and are supported by Classroom Instructional Aides. This program is also supported by Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy services for children on IEP’s. These specialists also provide consultation to the classroom teachers as needed for all students in the program.

The program uses Big Day for PreK by Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt for their curriculum. This engaging and research-based curriculum addresses all areas of child development including Social Emotional Learning, Communication, Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies. Children find the materials and activities to be exciting and adaptable to all children’s needs.

TMHS Child Development Class.

This program has 12-15 typically-developing four-year old students (pre-kindergarteners) who attend school five mornings each week from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The class is taught by the DESE licensed high school teacher who teaches the Child Development class to high school juniors and seniors. The juniors and seniors work in the preschool class as their lab/intern experience and take turns planning lessons and leading the class. This program will charge a one-time registration fee of $50.00 and will be free for students to attend.

Social Learning Group at the Dewing.

This exciting new preschool opportunity at the Dewing School meets three mornings each week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 8:15-9:45 a.m. Students enrolled in this program will attend school with preschool students in the developmental learning center who are ready to participate in a playgroup experience with typically developing children their age.

This program will offer the entire class daily Circle Time, Centers, Structured Play and Snack during the 90-minute session. Activities are engaging and provide exciting learning opportunities for all preschool students.

The class will be free for all students and will enroll six to eight preschool students. The program uses Big Day for PreK by Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt for their curriculum. This engaging and research-based curriculum addresses all areas of child development including Social Emotional Learning, Communication, Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies. Children find the materials and activities to be exciting and adaptable to all children’s needs.

The class will be taught by a DESE licensed special education teacher and will be supported by teaching assistants.

Community Services Preschool Program at the Heath Brook School. 

This opportunity is for 3 and 4 year old typically developing children.  This program will meet 5 days a week from 8:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.at the Heath Brook School, with the option to attend half-days if needed. The program offers a child-centered curriculum.  Daily activities include language arts, math readiness, music, physical activity and structured activities for social development.  The longer day will also allow for lunch-time and extended recess.

Tewksbury Preschool for Children with Substantial Developmental Delays.

This class has students on IEP’s whose developmental delays require a more intensive learning environment. The class is taught by an Early Childhood Specialist and is supported by a Classroom Instructional Aide, a behavior specialist and special education related service providers (SLP, OT, PT). Children attend this class for 23.5 hours/week and may spend some of that time in the Integrated Preschool depending on their skills and needs.

Because of changes in enrollment patterns, the programs at the Dewing School and TMHS will no longer be filled through an annual lottery. Instead, we are holding open enrollment now. Parents may sign up for these programs by emailing tewksburypreschool@tewksbury.k12.ma.us today! Parents will be contacted by return email or phone call to confirm their child’s registration in a preschool class for the 2017-2018 school year.

In addition to the preschool programs identified above, Tewksbury offers several other support opportunities for preschool children. The Integrated Preschool Program conducts child screenings throughout the year as part of our child outreach. Parents who have concerns about their child’s development may contact Ms. Fuller to sign up for screening. The screening process helps identify whether a child appears to be developing typically, may exhibit some mild special needs that should be rescreened in 4-6 months or should receive more comprehensive evaluation to determine special education eligibility.

For children with special needs, a wide range of related services are available including speech language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy as well as a classroom opportunity in the Integrated Preschool Program. Some students receive just one related service instead of attending the Integrated Preschool. This decision is made by the child’s special education team and is monitored through the IEP process.