The Open Circle program teaches social and emotional skills that can help children form positive relationships and become successful learners. Here are some examples of the vocabulary words your child is learning in Open Circle lessons at school.
Body Language: A way to communicate feelings using your face, body, or hands. 
Bystander: A person who sees a situation taking place. 
Bullying: When one or more people severely or repeatedly harm someone with words or actions.
Calm Breathing: Breathing in and out deeply and slowly in order to feel calm and relaxed. 
Compliment: Saying something good about someone.
Cooperate: To work together to get something done. 
Double D Behavior: Actions that are dangerous (someone might get hurt) or destructive (something might get damaged or broken). When children see dangerous or destructive behavior, they should tell a responsible adult right away. 
Non-Negotiable Rules: Rules that cannot be changed. 
Nonverbal Signals: A way of communicating without words. 
Open Circle Meeting: a time in school for students to learn and practice specific social and emotional skills that will help them form positive relationships and become successful learners. Students and their teacher sit in a circle of chairs for this meeting time. 
Positive Self-Talk: a way of encouraging yourself to do something that might be difficult or challenging. 
Problem: Something that causes someone to be confused or upset.
School Listening Look: A way of listening to others in school: Sitting still, looking at the person who is talking, paying attention. 
Speaking Up: A way of talking to a group in school so that your ideas and opinions can be heard and understood: Speaking slowly, clearly, and loudly enough.