Young Artists in Grade Kindergarten and First Grade will have an opportunity to have Art Class 1x a week for 45 minutes.  Your Young Artist will discover many Elements and Principles of Design.  The Elements of Art are:  Shape, line, color, shape, texture, value and form.  The Principles of Design are:  Contrast, balance, unity, pattern, emphasis, movement and rhythm.  Just like a chef needs ingredients for a recipe, so do Artists!  Artists use the Principles and Elements of Design when creating works of art.  Many Young Artists will be exposed to and create sculptures, still-lives, portraits/self-portraits, landscapes and narrative art.  Children will discover other artists in the history of art as well as contemporary art.  We will use our visual thinking skills to explore masterpieces and understand art.  Many artists will have an opportunity to create multi-cultural art and art that is connected to what they are discovering in their classroom (interdisciplinary art).  We will be creating portfolios again this year which will help keep art organized.  These portfolios will come home at the end of the school year.  Please feel free to provide an old t-shirt for an art smock (if desired – no worries if not) that your child is welcome to keep in their backpack and wear to art class.  It is a joy to teach your young artist and I am a lucky teacher to see their masterpieces in action.
Kristen Kosiba, Teacher