Music Class 

Our curriculum includes singing, reading notation, playing instruments, improvising, composing, listening to music, moving to music, and describing music with proper music vocabulary.  I see students once a week for 45 minutes.

Kindergarten classes will focus on singing and building their song repertoire.   We do a lot of movement, games, and dancing to songs. We use instruments to work on beat and rhythm. We will also use the classroom instruments and focus on playing on cue to stories and songs. We will work on following the cues of a conductor. We work on opposites loud/soft, fast/slow, and high/low.  We will listen to different styles of music and learn about orchestra instruments.

First Grades start the year with rhythm reading and composition. We will spend the fall working with instruments, singing, building their song repertoire, listening to different styles of music, moving, and dancing to music.  In December, we will study The Nutcracker Ballet. During the winter, we will work on improvisation on the xylophones and do some folk dancing. We will also learn about the instruments in the orchestra. In the spring, we will start preparing for our Spring Concert.  

Children are expected to try their best in class.  Effort, participation, behavior, and following directions are a big part of their grade for music class.  We have a lot of fun while learning new things every week! We learn a lot during the time we have.  I want to encourage a life-long love for music in class!


Gayle Bridgford, Music Teacher at the Dewing and Heath Brook Schools

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