Parents may check here for news and suggestions to help families and school work together for all of our students. We’ll be adding useful information for parents about homework help, home-school communication, reading and math support at home, and occasionally interesting articles about teaching, learning, and child development.

Bus Safety Reminders for Parents

Even though October is School Bus Safety month, we are taking this opportunity to ask all Dewing parents to please review school bus safety with your children. It is imperative that all children remain seated on the bus and that they ride quietly so they can hear any announcements from the driver. Please review the attached safety reminders at the link below and help your child remember to ride safely on the bus.

Parent Conference Tips

Though you may always schedule a time to speak with your child’s teacher about how (s)he is doing in school

  • Your conference is a two-way conversation and parents should expect to both talk and listen about your child’s progress in school
  • Parent-teacher conferences focus on how well students are doing in school. For our age group, this includes both school work, homework and behavior.
  • Parents can prepare for the conference by reviewing your child’s school work, talking with your child about school and making a list of questions you want to ask at the conference.

 Interesting Articles

These readings may provide opportunity for us to have respectful discourse about topics important in the lives of our children today.  The placement on this list is informational only, and in no way represents an endorsement of individual authors nor the organizations under which articles were first published.

Washington Post –  “How to get your kids to look away from their screens and take pleasure in books”

Erin Canty – “When Kindness is in the Curriculum