Dismissal – End of Day and During the School Day

Dismissals During the School Day: Parents/Guardians are to send in a note with their child or email the office before 1:30 p.m. if a child is to be dismissed during the school day.  We must have all dismissal requests in writing.  Parents/Guardians must report to the main office to sign out students and pick them up.  No student will be dismissed except through the main office.  Identifications will be checked.  Please do not send in dismissal instructions for multiple days- only for the current day that your child is being dismissed.

No student will be dismissed from the school into the custody of a person other than the parent/guardian of that child.  Exceptions will be made only when the parent/guardian informs the school in writing of the name of the person(s) picking up the child or their names are on the student’s “Accident/Illness” form on file with the office.  Identifications will be checked.

NOTE: Students dismissed before 12:00 noon on full days and 10:00 a.m. on early release days will be considered absent.

The end of the school day is very busy throughout our school.  Teachers are wrapping up the day’s lessons, the office staff is completing the final preparations for the dismissal of students, and buses are arriving with traffic restrictions in the front of the school building.  As a result, we are not able to dismiss students from the office after 2:30 p.m. on full days and 11:30 a.m. on early dismissal days.  All dismissals after 2:30 p.m. on full days (and 11:30 a.m. on half days) will be from the gym at the regular dismissal time.

Dismissals at the end of the school day:  All dismissals at the end of the day are done in the school gym.  Please park in the side parking lot and enter the school through the side gym doors where your child will be waiting with school staff members.  You will be required to sign out your child prior to his/her release. Please be aware that we may have to ask for a photo ID to verify that you are authorized to pick up your child(ren).  This is to ensure their safety, so that students are not released to the wrong adult.  When leaving the parking lot, DO NOT pass the school buses if their lights are actively flashing.

In order to assure a safe, smooth dismissal procedure for all, we can’t make any changes or updates to your child’s dismissal plan after 1:30 p.m.  Sending in a note to the teacher with your child in the morning is the best way to ensure that we have adequate time to make the proper arrangements.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in making our dismissal procedure run smoothly.

Note to parents and guardians: We have two forms that are extremely helpful in making sure your child is dismissed appropriately each day. Those forms are attached below for your use. 

Our Dismissal to Gym form is used to notify us if your child will regularly be picked up in the gym at the close of school. Use this form to tell us which days you will be regularly picking up your child.

The Student Dismissal form is used by parents and guardians to arrange changes in their child’s attendance or dismissal. Please use the attached form for:

  • absences
  • dismissals
  • changes in transportation
  • tardy (late arrivals)

Parents may print as many copies of these forms as needed throughout the year. Thank you for your help in this matter as we work to provide a safe environment for student arrivals and dismissals.