Field Trip Request Form

This form is available if you would like to request that the PAC pay for field trip busses or any request associated with a field trip for children in need of assistance. As long as funding is available, no reasonable request will be denied. We expect one or two requests per classroom for the school year.

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Volunteer Submission

The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) has already started planning activities for the current year. The PAC works hard to enrich the education of our students and create opportunities for involvement in the school community. We encourage parents and staff to attend the meetings and offer new ideas and suggestions for improvement. In order to implement these suggestions, and continue to provide the school community with the many activities and services already offered, we need your help! The form below asks for your contact information as we hope you can volunteer your time and energy. There are many ways that you can volunteer. Please let us know what works best for you. For example, we look for volunteers to donate time, donate items, help with fundraisers, bake for events, etc. Please indicate below what your interests may be. We welcome all help!  An eMail note is preferable, but also feel free to fill out this form below and send it into school with your child.

Misc. Forms & Documents

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