Please refer to the chart below to determine your guidance counselor.

Counselor phone extensions and email addresses are :

Ms. Kennan Daniel: x- 2046

Mrs. Tina Sheahan: x- 2045

Mr. Dave Harne: x- 2043


GRADE 9 – CLASS of 2027

A – De          Ms. Daniel

Di – Mc        Mrs. Sheahan

Me – Z         Mr. Harne


GRADE 10 – CLASS of 2026

A – E           Ms. Daniel

F – Me        Mrs. Sheahan

Mi – Z         Mr. Harne


GRADE 11 – CLASS of 2025

A-De; T-Z        Ms. Daniel

Di-K; S             Mrs. Sheahan

L-R                   Mr. Harne


GRADE 12 – CLASS of 2024

A-C; Q-R         Ms. Daniel

D-J; S              Mrs. Sheahan

K-P; T-Z         Mr. Harne