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The Process:

We plan and schedule a ride (bus, van, parent or walker) for EVERY student enrolled in grades K-11.  (Seniors are welcome to use bus service if it is needed). All students are assigned a bus based on their home address, unless parents have made alternative arrangements known to the transportation department (i.e daycare, drop off or pick up at a relatives house, etc.) This information is then posted in the students records, which teachers may use to assist in getting students to their bus at the end of the day.

If you need to make alternative transportation arrangements for your student, you must email them to David Libby at 

You must do this every year! We reset all addresses to the home address, unless otherwise notified.

Please Note:

PM take home routes are NOT published for the Wynn or the High School. We allow Bus Drivers to assess the actual ridership and create the most efficient take home routes possible.

Times listed are approximated. The program we use has no way of estimating traffic conditions, time spent at traffic lights, student loading variables, etc. The times are given only as a guideline. A pattern of consistent pick up and drop off times will undoubtedly arise.

Buses will be late the first few days. Schools are very careful when loading students for take home at the end of the day, particularly at the lower elementary levels, so the time spent at the school can be particularly long at the beginning of the year, resulting in late drop offs at most elementary bus stops. This will improve dramatically within the first couple of weeks. If it does not, contact Dave Libby at so we can make some adjustments.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dave Libby at