Mission Statement

To educate and challenge all learners in the Tewksbury Public School Community while supporting their development as well prepared and productive members of a diverse global society.

Core Values

Core values are the essential beliefs and principles that guide the Tewksbury Public School System toward accomplishing its goals. Core values build a unified commitment to the mission of the school system and provide meaning for our daily efforts on behalf of the students. Core values are unifying and motivating forces for our school system.

The Tewksbury Public School System is dedicated to advancing the academic & social development of all students

To accomplish this aim, we will:

  • Provide a broad-based instructional program reflecting high expectations and academic rigor
  • Provide a safe and healthy school culture where the rights of all members are respected
  • Embrace individual differences to insure that all students have opportunities for success
  • Foster a sense of social responsibility and community service