Meeting Minutes for 9/23/21 PAC Meeting

Meeting Minutes for May 2021 were approved 

Budget was approved as is.

Arts and Enrichment: 6 Google Meets with author of the summer reading book at $75 per class

DC trip: deadline to sign up is October 31st, pie fundraiser is going well.  

Mr Weir would like to get the word out about free breakfast.  Will post to Facebook and put in an email update.

The butterfly project will be done again this year.  Students will create a butterfly to represent a child that lost their life in the Holocaust.  Will go with their unit with Ann Frank. They will be put up on the wall outside the library.

Mr Weir is looking for parents to form a School Council.  The PAC will choose the participants.  

All after school clubs and activities are back.  No late bus.  All parents pick up. For now, it was Running club, Drama, Math Club and LGBTQ.  Kids are welcome to come up with their own ideas for clubs.

Food Truck Festival was a big success.  Looking into a bigger event for spring.  Maybe at High School or Livingston.  

3/4 – 3/11 will be a book fair run by Melissa Malone and Becky Watchorn.  Will be done in school.

October fundraiser will be Gift Card Fundraiser.  Spring will be a calendar raffle run in Feb or March.

Box tops all electronic now and is ongoing

Celtics will be 1/10 tickets will be $40 and we have 271 for 4 schools.  Riverhawks will be in Feb/March

Suggested an 8th Grade Graduation.  Mr Weir was open to discussion.  Looking at Mid-June.  6/10 is HS graduation 6/24 is the last day of school.  We have 250 students.  May do a staggered option during the day.  

Staff is hoping to do Canobie  for 8th Grade this year.  

Field trips are ok to do, just would need to figure out logistics. 

Next Meeting 11/17/21

Wynn School PAC Meeting

                                                                              November 17, 2021

Wynn School Library @6:30pm


  • Welcome and Introductions 
  • Approve minutes September 2021
  • Financial Report – Debra Contardi
  • Principal Report/Update
  • TSEPAC Updates

Sub-Committee Updates / Upcoming Events:

  1. Staff Hospitality / Appreciation (Nov 23)
  2. Fundraising (gift card fundraising closed – Feb/March calendar raffle)
  3. Wynn at Boston Celtics Jan 10, 2022
  4. Virtual Scholastic Book Fair – March 11-18(Melissa & Becky)
  5. Box Tops – On Going (Kristi update on contest)
  6. End of year / 8th grade committee plans/updates



**Next meeting Wed January 26, 2022

Wynn School PAC Meeting

March 16, 2021

Virtual Meeting – Zoom

Welcome and Introductions – Christine & Bridget  635pm

Approved minutes January 2021, motion to approve, second of the motion and approved by membership

Financial Report – Debra Contardi, see attached.  Varello Orthodontics donated $25 with new students joining their practice.

School is looking to set up 4 tents.  Large sized tents where kids could gather for enrichment outdoor spaces.  Vote to increase hospitality budget by $1000 to accommodate teacher appreciation budget and end of year activities.

Principal Report/Update –

Looking at outdoor activities, yoyo’s and paddle balls. Thank you to the PAC for the paint activity.  Spirit week, hosted by the culture and climate committee at the school. Going well, aprox 30-50% participation.  In the midst of a shift to more in person learning.  Mr. Weir opened to questions from PAC.  Pool testing will be piloted this week with staff, students will come to the library  in discrete areas for swabbing.  That will be sent for testing, if positive, that grouping is notified right away and retested for positive individuals.  Discussions about plans for hybrid students to re-enter full in person learning.  Aprox class sizes around 18 students.  Lunch logistics being worked out.

TSEPAC- Sara Cohen- next Meeting on 3/25

Staff Hospitality / Appreciation (April/May)

Community drive, in September, discussion for flock of friends, possibly for spring for wynn families.


Spring Family event – Food truck options. Hope was to have a food truck festival in the spring. If not maybe plan for fall. Evening, outside of the school.  Families can interact and order from trucks.  Discussion about end of year events and possibility for activities.

Virtual Scholastic Book Fair – March 8-2, happening now.

Box Tops – On Going- dimes were successful in the past, possibly next year a good way to supplement.  $80 raised.

By-Laws annual review – shared with membership, annual review for members to review and vote next month.

PAC Positions-  Open positions to be reviewed.

2021 TMHS Senior / Scholarship recipients- Deb Contardi – will randomly draw 2 names out of the 121 applicants.

Questions:  School website and changes should be through the front office.  Email with Mr. Weir to chat about outdated items if any.

Adjournment: 7:40pm

Next and last meeting May 25th

Wynn School PAC Meeting Mintues

January 19, 2021

Virtual Meeting – Zoom

Called to order at 6:32PM

Welcome and Introductions – Christine

Approve minutes November 2020 – motion to approve, second motion, and approved

Financial Report – Debra Contardi

Principal Report/Update- Mr. Weir and Mr. Long

National Geo Bee, champion will compete 1/21/21.  Yearbook contest, great submissions, all are featured, great work by the kids.  Promoting kids with their pets.

Drama club is working on variety show, “Going on”.  Guild competition will be seperate.  Mr. Diprima is coordinating.  Clubs are happening over Zoom.  Task force met, Wednesday in person will be initiated, alternating A/B cohorts.  Possible pool testing will be optional.

TSEPAC – Sara Cohen (not present)

Sub-Committee Updates / Upcoming Events:

  1. Staff Hospitality / Appreciation (February)  Considering Whoopie pie truck.  9th or 11th.  $595 cost based on #70 staff.  $700 approved for February hospitality.
  2. Community Events, Food Pantry drive December, successful event.  Cars full of donations delivered to the food pantry.  Suggested future event, flamingos to “flock a friend”.
  1. Virtual Scholastic Book Fair – March, scheduled for first 2 and 3 weeks fo March.
  2. Box Tops – $122 in recent profit

Adjournment @ 715PM