2018/19 Officers & Contact Info

  • Co-Chair
  • Co-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Carolyn Gaglione
  • Lori Carriere
  • Lynette Montejo
  • Dina Callahan
  • carolyngaglione@yahoo.com

  • loricarriere@hotmail.com
  • lmontejo@vimac.com
  • dina79marie@aol.com

Additional Positions

All Committee Chairs are responsible for monthly progress reports to the PAC and should make every effort to attend the monthly PAC meetings for the purpose of keeping the membership up to date.

FUNDRAISING (Carolyn Gaglione for 2018/19 School Year)

  • Each Spring, seek out and investigate Fundraising companies for the following Fall Fundraiser
  • Present 2 to 3 companies to PAC membership for a vote
  • Work with co-chairs and school principal and act as a liaison with fundraiser company (Prepare kick-off date, coordinate parent volunteers, arrange for delivery and pick-up of orders and prepare closing report for the membership)
  • Explore alternative Fundraisers as needed/requested

HOSPITALITY   (Lori Carriere 2018/2019)

  • Send gifts as needed to students
  • Organize a Staff Appreciation Breakfast typically held in May

BOOKFAIR (Kim Trodden for 2018/19 School Year)

  • Responsible for arranging and overseeing book fair and volunteers.

WEBSITE (Carolyn Gaglione for 2018/19 School Year)

  • Responsible for maintaining website by posting and keeping it up to date.

BOX TOPS (Carolyn Gaglione and Lori Carriere for 2018/19 School Year)

  • Responsible for coordinating the collection of BoxTops and organizing contests for students and staff.

ENRICHMENT  (Maureen Castiglione 2018/19 School Year)

  • Research possible student enrichment activities and present appropriate activities to the PAC membership for discussion and vote

Meet with appropriate staff members for approval and suggestions included in all presentations should be all pertinent information such as time and cost of program as well as educational benefit of program.