Communication between home and school is an important factor for students to have a successful middle school experience. There are many forms of communication that take place at the Wynn. The student agenda book is the primary form of communication. Parents and teachers frequently communicate via the agenda book. It is expected that students effectively use this to record assignments and grades.

In addition to use of the agenda, an email or a phone call may be appropriate for the following:

  • clarification of an assignment or grade,
  • questions about progress reports and/or report cards, or
  • questions regarding procedures or the schedule.

Please allow an appropriate amount of time for a response.

A team meeting with your son’s/daughter’s team may be necessary to discuss more serious concerns such as the following:

  • behavior concerns,
  • medical/emotional concerns,
  • a dramatic change in a student’s grades

The meetings will include the team of teachers, the Guidance Counselor, and the parents/guardians. Other school personal may be invited if necessary. A team meeting is appropriate when other forms of communication have been attempted and student is still experiencing difficulty. Please contact either the Team Leader or Guidance Counselor for availability of meeting times.