School Year 2018-2019...Daily announcements include wishing happy birthday to students and sharing the kitchen’s lunch offerings.

6/14/18 – Happy birthday to Addisyn, Dante, Gennaro, Emily.  Happy August 14 birthday to Sophia and Jack.  Core Values Announcement:  Respect. Right Choices.  1st grade field trip is today.  Have fun and make safe choices.  Other: Today is Flag Day.  Our front walk is decorated to celebrate!

6/12/18 – Happy birthday to Isis and Zia. Happy July 12 birthday to Samuel.  Happy August 12 birthday to Noah and Julia.  Core Values Announcement: Right Choices. Children are making great choices in how they play on the hot top at bus time. Everyone is very safe.

6/6/18 – Happy birthday to Connor, Liam, Cassandra and Chetan. Happy July 6 birthday to Hannah, Daniel and William.  This week’s lunch box option is ham and cheese.

6/1/18 – Happy July 1 and August 1 birthday to Desmond, Sahil, Gaetano and Brielle.  Core Values Announcement:  Right Choices.  Everyone play AROUND the pile of new bark mulch outside yesterday.  Give yourself a giant pat on the back!

5/29/18 – Happy birthday today and this past weekend to Ellie, Hayden, Lila, Evan,Lily, Miranda, Timothy, Kayleigh, Christian, Prominenceworth, and Liv.

5/23/18 – Happy birthday to Isis and C.J.  Core Values Announcement: Everyone is doing a great job at the book fair this week.  The space is crowded and all our students are being safe and patient.  Other:  Have an amazing day!

5/21/18 – Happy birthday to Hunter, Tyler and Preston.  Core Values Announcement:  Respect.  Book Fair is all week.  Respect each other in the small spaces; respect our parent volunteers by saying please and thank you.  Other:  Last Friday’s Ice Cream Social was great fun!

5/18/18 – Happy birthday today and this weekend to Nathan, Ariana, Giana, Charley, Mariabella, Sara and Aiden.  Other announcements:  Ice Cream Social and Book Fair tonight!  See you there!  Challenge to our students:  Do something NEW today!

5/15/18 – Happy birthday to Nicole and Dylan.  Core values announcement: Right Choices.  Children are allowed to play whatever games they want outside at bustime and recess time as long as they are safe.  We are not having a “no touching” rule anymore.

5/14/18 – Happy birthday to Evan.  Core values announcement: Respect.  We’re doing a great job riding safely on the bus and respecting our bus drivers.  Please keep up the great work.  Other: What will you be today?  a learner?  helper?  friend?

LUNCHBOX OPTION 5/14-18:  Turkey

5/11/18  – Happy birthday to Charlotte, Samantha, Leah, Aaron.  We play safely outside without pushing or hitting.  You are doing a great job this week – things are much safer.  First grade concert for families today.  Today is Staff Appreciation Lunch.  Thank you to all the families who helped make such a wonderful lunch for us!  Happy Mother’s Day