Dewing School Suggested Supply List-22/23

This is the suggested supply list for grades PK-2. Individual teachers may have slight variations, but this should help get you started on back to school shopping.


Dewing School Supply Lists – suggestions
Backpack x
Seasonal change of clothes x
Sneakers daily x
Healthy snack and drink daily x
Backpack, without wheels x
Lunchbox x
Crayons, 12 or 16 pack x
Crayons, Twistables optional
Glue sticks (jumbo) x
Scissiors – Fiskars or similar x
Pencil box, plastic x
Dry Erase markers, thin (1 pack) x
Headphones x
Optional Class donations
Dry Erase markers, thin x
Hand soap, foaming x
Paper towels x
Tissues, no lotion type x
Wipes, bacterial x
Additional Glue Sticks X
Grade 1
Backpack, without wheels x
Binder, 1″ 3-ring (Only A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6) x
Crayons (regular or Twistable) x
Dry erase markers x
Erasers x
Facecloth or sock x
Folder, 2 pocket x
Glue sticks x
Pencil box x
Pencils -Ticonderoga suggested x
Scissors x
Highlighters (A3) x
Personal pencil sharperner (not battery operated) x
Headphones x
Optional Classroom Donations
Hand soap x
Paper towels x
Tissues x
Wipes, disinfectant x
Grade 2
Backpack, no wheels x
Crayons, ( 24 count) x
Dry erase markers x
Small white boards for students x
Erasers, pencil top x
Folders, 2 pocket (red, blue, yellow, green) x
Glue sticks x
Highlighters Yellow (2) x
pencil box or case x
Pencils x
Pens, red x
Scissors x
Optional Class donations
Tissues x
Paper towels x
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