Dewing School celebrates Read Across America!

Hello Dewing Families,

What a fun week we have had at the Dewing to celebrate Read Across America! 

  • On Monday, students made bookmarks celebrating their favorite books. 
  • On Tuesday and throughout the week, classes gathered together for Buddy Read. Our preschoolers were read to by our grade one students. Kindergarten was read to by grade two students. They all had a great time!
  • On Wednesday, students ate their lunches in the cafeteria while listening to Dr. Seuss books. 
  • On Thursday, students brought in their favorite books and beach towels and spent time reading in their favorite classroom spots. 
  • On Friday, we had a WONDERFUL assembly in which our students recited the Reader’s Oath under the guidance of Ms. Michele Sullivan, Assistant to the Town Clerk. We also cheered on some of our peers as they played a game of one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. We even had a visit from Dewy the Owl. Students left the assembly with a handmade bookmark made by a school-mate. Each bookmark was beautiful and so creative!!! 

We introduced the March Reading Challenge. Sheets were sent home. If each class returns a number of completed sheets, classes will win an extra recess. This is always a favorite prize! 

Grade levels enjoyed some additional activities during the week.    Enjoy the pictures!


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