Dewing 21CCLC – Summer bus transportation to AlphaBest and Home Available!

Hello Dewing Families,

Good news!  The 21CCLC Summer Program at the Dewing will be able to offer bus transportation home or to the AlphaBest Summer Camp at North Street School.

Our program will run 8:30 – 2:30 (Children attending the Special Education extended school year summer program may begin 21CCLC program at 11:00).

The bus will load at Dewing.  Timing of run will depend on number of students on the bus, and the route will be designed to accommodate addresses of families.  One stop will be the North Street School.

Only enrolled students in the 21CCLC program are eligible for bus transportation.  If you haven’t already enrolled your child, there are registration forms attached.  (We have room for about 20 more students) . Summer Program Flyer

If you’re looking for transportation, fill out this Google Form:

If you have questions, please email us:

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