April Preschool Screening


Tewksbury Public Schools, Integrated Preschool

Free Preschool Screening


April 26, 2019 (by appointment)


Tewksbury Integrated Preschool is pleased to offer free preschool screening for children who are of preschool age.

If you are curious about your child’s development and whether s/he is meeting developmental milestones, this is a great opportunity to receive some feedback. Through the use of the DIAL-4 screening tool, our early childhood educators review the following areas: cognition, communication and/or motor development.


If you are interested in having your child participate, please contact:

Alexis Bosworth, Assistant Principal/Preschool Coordinator

Tewksbury Integrated Preschool

Dewing School

1469 Andover Street, Tewksbury


978-640-7858 x305

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