Students in the Tewksbury Public Schools use a wide variety of online tools as part of their education.  Many of these tools collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to allow students to log in, track progress and store data.  A Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) is needed for each software title/company.  The Tewksbury Public Schools joined the TEC Student Data Privacy Alliance to manage and procure these agreements.

The TEC Student Data Privacy Alliance, in cooperation with the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), developed statewide Student Data Privacy Agreements (DPA) for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island which articulate the vendor duties and responsibilities required to protect student data in compliance with all applicable federal and state privacy statutes, including the FERPA, PPRA, and COPPA.

Faculty and staff must ensure all the tools they use have a signed DPA on file with the Tewksbury Public Schools IT Department. Before a new software title may be used, a DPA must be obtained.  Staff may request the use of new software via a help desk ticket.