Superintendent Brenda Theriault-Regan

Assistant Superintendent Lori McDermott

Executive Secretary Gail Johnson

Executive Secretary Maria Cutelis

Phone: 978-640-7800 

2022-2023 Superintendent’s Entry Plan

TPS District Strategy:

The Tewksbury Public Schools community believes that our educational program will encompass current, research-based teaching, learning, and an assessment approach that promotes consistent growth among our students and staff to achieve academic, social, and emotional success for all students.

TPS Theory of Action:

If Tewksbury Public Schools prioritizes a sense of belonging and growth mindset amongst all stakeholders while providing quality professional development and a professional culture grounded in collaboration, then all students will experience innovative, equitable, and student-centered instruction prioritizing positive outcomes.

TPS District Core Values:

The Tewksbury Public School System is dedicated to advancing the academic and social development of all students. To accomplish this aim, we will:

  • Provide a broad-based instructional program reflecting high expectations and academic rigor;
  • Provide a safe and healthy school culture where the rights of all members are respected;
  • Embrace individual differences to ensure that all students have opportunities for success; and
  • Foster a sense of social responsibility and community service.