Morning Drop Off Info for Parents

Some helpful information about driving students to school…

  1. The Town of Tewksbury offers free busing to all students.  Please think seriously about taking advantage of this extraordinary benefit.
  2. If you choose to drive your child to school, please observe these school guidelines.  They are in place to ensure student safety and expedite the arrival process.  Parents should stay in the car when dropping school-age children off.  Important thoughts:
    1. Children get to learn how to safely and independently exit a vehicle. Each school-age child should be able to get out of their booster seat/restraint, put on their backpack and exit the vehicle.  They should open the car door.  Our staff will close it for you.
    2. We suggest having your child’s booster seat on the side of the car next to the school side so there needs to be no movement between cars in the parking lot.
  3. Occasionally, especially during the first few weeks of school, children experience anxiety over the separation.  If you and your child are having a day where they will not be able to exit the vehicle on their own, don’t try to use the regular drop-off line.  Pull into a parking space and wait for the other cars to finish, then pull up.  There should be a staff person available to help as needed.  Remember, the goal is for your child to be able to exit the vehicle safely on their own.  When you get out of your car to assist, or go in for extra hugs, or to try to walk with your child to the playground area, you’re not allowing them to grow.  It’s hard sometimes to let go.  I promise they will be all right.


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