Heath Brook/Trahan PAC Officers 2022-2023

The table below contains a list of PAC officers and contact information. Please note that just because your child goes to one school doesn’t mean you can only participate in events at that particular school.  We are one community…you and your child belong to both!

Co-ChairsPresides over all meetings of the PAC and the PAC officers. Co-Chairs shall be members of all standing and special committees. Responsible for the guidance and direction of Officers, members and functions. Anna Kaiser, Tracey O’Brien, Michelle Robertson, Danielle Bresnahan, Danielle Newell
SecretaryResponsible for taking minutes at all meetings. Responsible for sending information to publicist for weekly email blasts. Responsible for sending approved minutes to Co-Chairs, Principals and publicist.Megan Lewis
Asst. Treasurer
Responsible for maintaining the bank account and keeping accurate records of all PAC financial matters. Responsible for maintaining and filing all necessary governmental forms. Jennifer Foley