Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Tewksbury Public Schools challenges, prepares and raises expectation for all students of the Tewksbury Public School to insure that they will become productive members of society with a commitment to life long learning. To fulfill this mission, the school district with the input of many parents and faculty members developed a strategic plan. The plan contains a set of goals and supporting objective. The focal points of the plan include the development of a solid foundation of basic skills, an increase in students’ ability to access modern technology, standardized tests and alternative assessment methods.

The mission of the school district takes hold the first day the parent and the child enter our schools. The success of our mission depends upon the strength of the partnership among parents, the child and the teachers. We look forward to engaging in this partnership with you and supporting the efforts of your child at the Louise Davy Trahan School.


The Louise Davy Trahan School had its beginning in 1913 as a two-story schoolhouse located adjacent to the present structure. The “old” Shawsheen School, as it was originally named, was closed in 1984. The present structure, which was built in 1952, assumed the name Shawsheen School. The building has undergone two major additions, in 1957 and 1974. In the spring of 1985 the school was given its current name in honor of a former teacher.