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Spelling City

Dance Mat Typing


Open Circle
Open Circle is a program of the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College that is being implemented at the North Street School.

Curriculum Corner – Parent Resources
Many links to sites that support the curriculum by providing students with engaging practice in mathematics, language arts, science and social studies.

All Subject Areas
The parent section of the BBC Website contains online literacy (English), mathematics, science, history, and geography games, activities, and worksheets.

This website is a fun study site for students whose first language is other than English.

This website is an interactive picture dictionary for students whose first language is other than English.

This interactive website offers many games that will help students boost their knowledge of chemical elements, geography, vocabulary, and more.

The “Free Guides” section has dowloadable booklets and tip sheets that provide strategies on how parents can help young children become strong readers.

Math Skills
This interactive Website contains many online activities that can help Pre-K to grade 12 students reinforce many of the math skills they are learning and being tested on in school.

Parent Information from WGBH
This website offers great parenting advice and highlights wonderful local programs. It also has skill building activities and games for children. Lastly, you can request a free e-newsletter from the site.

Great Multiplication web site that was recommended by Mrs. Santilli. Students also highly recommend it, saying that is is a lot of fun!