August 1, 2022

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to North Street Elementary School.  This year we are moving forward to having fewer restrictions and normalcy.  The past 24-plus months certainly have been challenging.  We are so proud of the students, staff, and families for being patient, flexible, and supportive of learning.  The challenges were sometimes monumental, yet the students were safe and learning.  We are looking forward to an educational, safe as possible, and fun upcoming school year. This will also be a particularly special year at North Street with our new Center Elementary School slated to open in January 2023.  We will have some back-to-school activities at the end of August as well as numerous communications about our move after the holidays.

We have some exciting news!  Welcome, Rob Rogers, our new Assistant Principal.  Between Mr. Rogers and myself, we will be covering the North St and Trahan Schools in the fall and transitioning up to the new Center Elementary School.  Welcome, Mr. Rogers.  One of us will always be at each building.

To better assist in communication, we will use “Remind”, a text messaging application to send short notices to parents. The communication comes to your phone via a text message. Please check the weekly SMORE, coming out late in August to sign up for the Remind.

We hope to make this year as educational and normal as possible.  We hope everyone is well-rested and had a fantastic summer break! Learning starts on September 1st. We can accomplish anything together, we are North Street Tough!

Thank you,

Jay Harding/Principal

Rob Rogers/Assistant Principal