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November 8, 2017

The weather feels like it is changing for good, the leaves are coming down, and the Patriots are more than halfway through their schedule…all reliable signs that the fall season is really here!  Please read on for important North Street News.

School Council

We are still looking for members to join our school council.  It is a great way to get involved with important matters for our school.  Our next meeting is Monday, November 20th at 3:45.  Please email Karen Cronin, principal, if you are interested in joining.

We are seeking everyone’s input to help drive our focus for this year’s work.  We would very much appreciate your ideas in our anonymous very quick, less than 2 minute survey!!  We appreciate your time, and value your thoughts and opinions.  Please share your voice here:  School Council Survey

American Education Week

American Education Week is the week of November 13th.  This week is a great reminder of the importance of the partnership of families and schools.  In keeping with Tewksbury tradition, we would like to strengthen that partnership, and invite you to your child’s class to participate in a learning activity on Tuesday, 11/14. Teachers are planning engaging activities that will require your help – and the students are looking forward to your presence!  Because of the interactive nature of the event, we appreciate your arrangements that keep siblings at home.  

  • 3rd grade:  10:15-11:00
  • 4th grade:  11:00-11:45

North Street Parking Lot

Did you know that there is one way in to the North Street, and one way out?  Please pay attention to the posted signs for the front loop.  There is only one direction that traffic flows in that front loop.  Please do not park close to the street and then exit through the entrance, or pull into the school from the exit end of the loop.  I understand the tight timing of afterschool schedules, and the delay one can experience while waiting for buses to load; however, the traffic pattern has been established for safety, and we all must adhere to it.  

Dictionaries from the Elks

Last week, our third graders were given dictionaries from the local Elks organization.  Students attended an assembly in which representatives from the Elks shared the many ways they contribute to all members of our community, from the youngest to the oldest.  Providing each third grade student with a dictionary is a generous gift.  While we have all become so accustomed to technology providing answers, dictionaries are a resource that never loses power or the connection to wifi.  I encourage all of you to make the use of a dictionary for your child a priority over “googling it.”  

Substance Abuse Prevention Contest

With the guidance from the Tewksbury Police Department, the district participated in Substance Abuse Prevention activities.  At the North Street, students were (voluntarily) asked to identify ways to reduce stress.  The earlier we identify healthy ways to stay regulated under stressful circumstances, the more likely students will make them habit and routine, which can influence future choices.  Students did a wonderful job with their pictures and ideas: many are posted in our front hallway.  Please see the link on the front page for our winners and their corresponding pictures.  


September 28, 2017

Though we might not guess it from the weather at the beginning of the week, fall is underway and October is here.  By now, your children are well into the routines of school, and beginning the important work that third and fourth grade brings.  Please read below for important updates about our school.


This week, teachers reviewed recess rules with their students, and the appropriate amount of “force” exerted when tagging out a classmate.  Students were also told that professional, hard-sided footballs are not allowed; only soft, nerf-style footballs are acceptable.  Please help your child adhere to this rule if bringing a football from home.

Important Forms

Please remember to complete the Accident/Illness form, as well as the Technology Acceptable Use policy and photo permissions page.  You must sign up with Community Pass in order to complete these forms, which are available online.  Please click on the “resources” tab at the top of the North Street webpage and look for Community Pass under the parents section.  More information follows in the August 24th North Street News (below).

Milk with a Cop

Local police officers will be joining North Street students for lunch on Wednesday, October 4th.  This is an extension of a greater event within the Tewksbury community.  Please see the link on the front page of our website for more information.

School Council

Are you interested in being a member of School Council?  This group of parents and teachers serves as an advisory to the principal for a variety of topics, from school beautification projects to creating a school vision to sharing input on school improvement plans.  School council typically meets once per month, for one hour.  If you are interested in joining, please email Karen Cronin, principal, at


August 30, 2017

Our first day of the 2017-2018 school year at North Street is officially over, and I am eager to tell you what a great day it was!  The teachers and staff put in days and days of work to prepare for this day, and I can attest that everything went smoothly.  I visited every classroom today, and I was impressed each time.  Routines are already getting established, and students were busy working and making connections with new classmates and teachers.  Tomorrow will be our first of two Principal’s Coffees – an informal gathering at 9:00 am in the cafeteria so I can meet you and learn about your life here at the North Street School.  There will be another one held on 9/8, and more information to come about a gathering during Open House as a night-time option.

During dismissal time, I asked students how their day was.  One student put it best:  “This day was way fun-er than I thought it would be!”  I can’t think of greater praise regarding the first day of school.  Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


August 24, 2017

  • Please click on the Welcome Back to North Street post for our back to school letter.
  • Critical Forms – Accident and Illness, Photo Release, Student Handbook sign off:Back to school always means filling out several critical forms so that we can best serve your child. To reduce the amount of paper we send home to you, we have made electronic versions of the forms for you to read and sign using Community Pass.  Click here for directions for logging into Community Pass and setting up an account. The link to access the forms is  The tab for the forms is at the bottom of the list.  Click on the forms tab to access all forms.  Since we use email to communicate with parents primarily we ask that you make sure that your email in Aspen is up to date when you are updating your other information in Aspen.  Please make sure your contact information including emergency information is accurate.
  • Student Handbook:Please make sure that both you and your student take the time to review the student handbook.  We make changes to the handbook each year and it is helpful for families to be familiar with the handbook and its contents.  This year our Student Handbook will be available electronically to returning students.  The handbook can be viewed on our  North Street  Elementary School website on the about link.  All parents/guardians must verify they have reviewed the Student Handbook by clicking yes on the box in the forms area of Community Pass by September 15th.   
2 replies
  1. Tanya Arruda
    Tanya Arruda says:

    I have a suggestion. Why do us parents have to fill out these forms year after year?
    It’s a bit redundant. As are the fields that ask the same questions about address and phone numbers over and over again! ( it’s Very annoying by the way.) Here auto fill would be helpful.
    In this day and age why is there not a student profile electronically that follows the child? Just wondering?
    It would cut down tramendously on paper.
    You have everything else on line why not this?
    It could be updated yearly by the parents if needed, if not just one check box to say it was reviewed and submitted. Just a thought!
    Thank you.

    • kcronin
      kcronin says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Thank you for your feedback. The forms are part of a district-wide requirement. Filling out the forms this year using Community Pass does help on the reduction of paper, as you suggest. There is an electronic student profile, but as you can imagine, the updating often requires prompting of families to do so. I agree that there may be an easier way to submit changes; perhaps that will come in time.

      Have a good night,
      Karen Cronin


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