Graduation Tickets

Congratulations to our Seniors who are now approaching Graduation!  The TMHS Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday, June 7, 2019, at 6:00 pm.

An invitation to reserve graduation tickets has been sent to all seniors via their school-issued email addresses. As in previous years, all guests attending the graduation ceremony will require a ticket for entrance.

Through Eventbrite, each senior is able to reserve four tickets which are guaranteed to be issued.

Additionally, each senior is able to request four “additional tickets” these tickets will be issued the week of graduation if there is space. These tickets are not guaranteed!

If students are looking for more than eight tickets they will need to send Mr. O’Leary an email requesting to be added to the waitlist.



Tickets may only be reserved via Invitation sent to students’ school email.

When reserving tickets, you may not be logged into non-school google accounts.

Tickets may be presented at graduation electronically via phone or you may print them out and present a paper ticket.

If you have successfully reserved tickets, you should receive an email confirmation.

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